During an extended Valentine weekend, why not indulge all your senses?  Chocolate, synonymous with love, will fill your Verde Canyon Railroad’s vintage train car with a heavenly aroma, but it will be sinful desserts that flow over your palate as sensational scenery streams across panoramic windows. With all cars connected to outdoor viewing platforms, your outdoor canyon experience may include a close-up glimpse of a wintering bald eagle in flight along the river and the rails. Valentine’s Day is not just a romantic occasion for humans … it’s also prime-time nesting season for Arizona’s wild raptors that are abundant in the Verde Canyon.

The train’s popular Chocolate Lovers’ Special whisks lovebirds away on a journey of the senses, February 11-13.

  • This special “Chocolate Lovers” experience is offered for $139.00 per person and includes appetizers, a scrumptious presentation of private chocolate goodies and a delicious cocktail choice. 

Train attendants are there to spoil you with amenities like a Champagne toast upon boarding, a variety of complimentary appetizers, cash bars with premium beverages and pampering service right at your seat. This benchmark first-class care is enhanced by the event’s mouthwatering assortment of creamy chocolates and rich cakes, individually boxed sugary goodness waiting for your indulgence. The madness of sweets also comes alive in liquid splendor with a variety of chocolatey pleasurable drinks.

 It is difficult to imagine another food that evokes a craving equal to the one for sweet, creamy chocolate.  Through the ages, ‘chocolate,’ as it is called today, has been known as xocoatl, jocolatte, and chockelet.  When words are inadequate to express one’s feelings for another, chocolate will say it all. Verde Canyon Railroad’s Chocolate Lovers’ Special features a selection of artisan pastries and chocolates in addition to the train’s classic first-class amenities.

Luxurious living room-style seating, an abundant selection of appetizers and attentive beverage service right to one’s seat is standard at Verde Canyon Railroad.   An adjacent open-air viewing car is the perfect place to cuddle closely and catch a breath of a crisp, late winter breeze while marveling at Mother Nature’s timeless artistry. There isn’t a more romantic setting to indulge the craving for chocolate than a gently rocking train, rolling through the wall-to-wall wonderland of the Verde Canyon. 

 “February is a beautiful month to ride,” says Teresa Propeck, marketing director.  “The bald and golden eagle populations are at their peak, and the clear waters of the Verde River are a perfect respite for a variety of migrating raptors … looking for romance.”

 Many lovebirds who ride in February return to the Verde Canyon Railroad to be wed aboard the train. “Getting married onboard is the epitome of romance and the perfect setting for matrimony,” adds Propeck.  The Verde Canyon Railroad offers an ideal location for an intimate wedding ceremony—in the sacred wilderness of the Verde Canyon.

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