Making Dreams a Reality – One Customer At A Time
Posted by Teresa Propeck on December, 30 2016

Dear Robin,

Yesterday, 12/26/16, I had purchased 5 tickets in the first class car for myself and 4 family members, departing at 1:00.   I was surprising my 74-year-old father, Jerry, who always dreamed on taking a train ride throughfullsizerender the mountains.  He had flown in from Florida for a few days and I surprised him on Christmas day that we would be going on this train ride.  He was beside himself with excitement, couldn’t stop talking about it and could barely sleep the night before our trip!  The morning of the trip we left our house from Goodyear, Arizona.  He was smiling from ear to ear!

Traveling north, we hit so much traffic.  My father’s smile was slowly disappearing, it seemed impossible that we would ever make it in time.  I was so upset; my father was flying back home the next day and his dream train ride was not going to happen and I was not sure there will be another opportunity to make it happen.

We finally pulled into the parking lot (rather quickly) at 12:59!!!  Then my phone rang and it was Candice from Verde Canyon Railroad checking to see if we were coming.  I frantically explained we were stuck in traffic and were just pulling up.  She was so sweet and assured me everything will be ok, they will wait for us and will even send someone out to meet us with our tickets!  I can’t even explain how much that phone call meant to me in that moment, the employees really care!  Someone came right to us with our tickets, also assuring me everything was ok and had someone give us a ride on the golf cart to our train car.

Might seem like not a big deal but it was important to me, I so appreciated everyone’s kindness, they really helped me calm down.   Our service on the train was also great, the train ride was great, making for such a happy conclusion.  My father was in heaven, I made his dream come true and he will never forget it.

Sorry for the long story, just wanted you to understand why your employees’ kindness made such an amazing impression on me and my family.  I will highly recommend Verde Canyon Railroad to everyone and anyone I meet!

Thank you for such an amazing day.

Christy Parietti


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