Daniel O'Connell

From Canyon Country, California on 10/20/2016

I really enjoyed my trip in the cab last week!!!  I’ve always been a big fan of the EMD F-units, certainly the most beautiful locomotives ever built.  This was a great introduction to all the workings under the skin and how they operate.  And the route is also fabulous, especially as there is no road from which to view this unique and splendid Canyon by car.  Everyone was great…Roman, Jason, Taylor, Allison and, of course, yourself.  The operation of your railroad is much more professional and complicated than I anticipated, and learning about it added all the more to the experience.  The maintenance aspect is especially interesting.  I feel like a hole in my life has been filled!  Thanks also for the photo and certificate (it arrived in the mail today).  And the nifty shirt, as well.

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