Tessa Silva

From Phoenix on April 6, 2023

It is the opportunity to, in a sense, view the world as our ancestors once did as they traveled the country by railroads. The train weaves with the land as the click-clack of the track’s echoes through the canyon. The cool wind swirls your hair as you enjoy the incredible landscape views and active wildlife. Located in Clarksdale, Arizona this is a must-see for any Arizonian or visitor alike. When you arrive at the depot, the excursion begins. You check in to receive your ticket and then have the opportunity to check out the John Bell Museum, Boxcar Gift Store, and grab some lunch from the Copper Spike Café prior to your journey. On the train ride you will have a comfortable, assigned seat inside with access to open air cars to really take in all the sights. The tour guides are well informed on the history of the railroad, the canyon, and the wildlife that can be seen. The only challenge of the excursion is finding a spot along the rails in the open-air cars, especially as you approach the tunnel towards the end of the trip. After experiencing this adventure with my parents, visiting from Washington State, I would recommend this to anyone looking for something fun to do in Arizona. Less than a two-hour drive from Phoenix, this train ride gets you out of the big city and back in touch with the beauty of mother nature.

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