K Henderson

From Oklahoma on May 30, 2023

The seating on the train was so comfortable, the entire staff at the depot and the staff on the train were so welcoming and so friendly. While on the ride we had KB on the outside car explaining the history and the surroundings of the entire trip and there is no one better than her. She was was most knowledgeable and had fun wit in her presentation. I would definitely give her well above a 10. If I ever get to return again I hope she is our tour guide. The information and history, along with the train experience was one of the best parts of my trip . I highly recommend taking the time to experience this as you will not regret it at all. Only negative was being able to hear the recorded guide inside of our train telling about everything but then I am thankful because I would not have gone out on the open car to hear KB and her presentation. The tour provided a large snack tray with wonderful food and you are able to buy drinks on the entire ride. Such a super fun and enlightening experience!

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