• Easter Verde Canyon Railroad

Easter Train Trip in Sedona

The hoppiest celebration at Verde Canyon Railroad is the Easter Bunny Express.  This once-a-year opportunity to hob-knob with the wascally wabbit begins with face painting on the patio so everyone can star in a look-a-like photo.  You can take home proof that the Easter Bunny really does exist.

So that everyone will be home to celebrate Easter, the honorable hare will spend his last day off before the big event, Saturday, April 11, 2020 visiting with everyone at Verde Canyon Railroad.  The Easter Bunny loves giving out handfuls of treats and armloads of hugs before bidding farewell to everyone on the train as it departs at 1 p.m..

The Easter fun keeps going onboard with a winner-take-all jellybean counting contest.

Adults can enjoy a spring-fresh Bloody Mary bursting with so many vegetables a rabbit would love it.

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