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2023 Ales on Rails        

The first sign of autumn isn’t always the changing of the leaves; sometimes it’s the changing of the kegs. The air turns crisp, and pint glasses are raised in celebration that Oktoberfest has arrived. Ales on Rails beer festival is Verde Canyon Railroad’s way of toasting this German tradition, providing a rollicking farewell to summer beginning Tuesday, September 12, and running through Monday, October 31. 

Today beer is so much more than the “suds” of your granddad’s day. The drinking of ale has been elevated to an art form, on par with wine for its regional origin, hints and notes; a bonding experiences for the legion of aficionados who hold their beer to a higher standard. Verde Canyon Railroad’s Ales on Rails is a great big shout out to Arizona craft beers, as well as to the Canyon’s beautiful autumn sipping weather to complement these local flavors.

Sample a WIDE range of local Arizona breweries offering richly crafted beers ranging from the lightest pilsners to the hoppiest IPAs to the deepest stouts that this Copper State has to offer.


Cider Corps                                                       – Mesa
Grand Canyon Brewing                             – Williams
 HUSS Brewing Company                         – Greater Phoenix area
 Lumberyard Brewing Company           – Flagstaff
Mother Road Brewery                               – Flagstaff
Mudshark Brewery and Public House                                                                   – Lake Havasu


Verde Canyon Railroad Private Label Beers

       Uncle Bears Brewery and Tap Room         Mesa

       Smelter Town Brewery                               Clarkdale

Santan Brewery                                           –  Chandler
State Fourty Eight Brewery                     – Greater Phoenix area
 THAT Brewery and Pub                           – Cottonwood
Wild Tonic                                                         – Cottonwood
 Wunderlust Brewing Company           – Flagstaff

Event Details

A wild variety of craft beers, ranging from the hoppiest IPAs to the chocolatiest stouts and everything in between, will be available from 11:00 a.m. until 12:45 p.m., by the taste AND by the glass.   Ales on Rails tickets may be pre-purchased to include the beer tasting, lunch and a souvenir pint glass, making it easy for visitors and passengers alike to simply show up and drink up.


  • Logo beer glass and four (4) 3 oz. beer tastings
  • Pre-selected lunch on the patio, prior to train ride
  • Train ride w/ Appetizers and Champagne Toast
**All tasting tickets must be redeemed on the patio at the beer bar.    ***Substitutions may occur without notice

The celebration continues to flow aboard the 1:00 p.m. train ride with an assortment of customized Verde Canyon Railroad brews, available for purchase during the train ride. 

During the Ride

The celebration continues to flow aboard the train with an assortment of customized brews available for purchase during the excursion.  Ales on Rails tickets may be pre-purchased to include the beer tastings, luncheon and a souvenir pint glass so all you have to do is show up and drink up.

Passengers can leisurely raise a Verde Canyon Railroad insignia glass full of ice-cold beer high into the air as a salute to autumn and the wild beauty it brings to the Canyon.

Even more enjoyable is stepping outside from a comfortable interior coach to an adjoining open-air viewing car. This is the best vantage point to take in the fresh air and vibrant foliage during this four-hour excursion near the remote Sycamore Wilderness, accessible only by rail.

If not participating with the Ales on Rails event, standard train fares apply.

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