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Only one lucky participant per train ride will savor the day from inside the cab of a rare and powerful American-built locomotive. 

During the ride-along, you’ll be seated between the engineer and conductor inside the cab of the Railroad’s classic 1953 General Motors EMD FP7 for the four-hour journey from Clarkdale to Perkinsville and back.

You’ll start your experience dressed in complimentary Verde Canyon Railroad safety gear while helping the crew prepare the train for departure. You’ll have lunch at the Copper Spike Café in the depot before the train departs, and upon your return, you’ll receive a framed photograph of you and the crew with a certificate of completion, numbered and signed by the General Manager of Verde Canyon Railroad to commemorate the perfect day.

Locomotive Ride-A-Long

Reservation Requirements:

  • All ride-along participants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Copy of valid driver’s license (or government-issued identification card), social security number and authorization to complete a quick background check.
  • Full payment in advance is required two weeks prior to ride-along date. Payment is nonrefundable if either background check or safety procedure test is failed, or if, on the day of the ride, it is discovered that physical requirements cannot be met.  
  • If a reservation is cancelled by the participant, 48 hours in advance, the ride may be reschedule within a one-year period.

Physical Requirements:

  • Guests with certain medical conditions or disabilities may not be able to participate in the locomotive ride-along.  Each participant must sign an affidavit that he/she is fully aware that safety is a priority, and indicating that he/she has a full understanding of requirements and restrictions, and is healthy and strong enough to:
    • Perform all required physical tasks associated with course of action without assistance.
    • Able to climb up/down via an an 8 foot, off the ground, vertical ladder and walk through a narrow opening without any assistance. 
    • Understand that seating space is restricted in the historic locomotive cab and does not allow for wheelchairs, any type of mechanical assistance or service animals.  Passenger must stay seated in a small, designated space and endure potentially uncomfortable temperatures for a four-hour period.
    • Restrictions do apply, based on proportional height and weight. 
  • A train representative will be contacting you to verify ride qualifications prior to final confirmation. 

Clothing requirements:

  • PROPER ATTIRE IS REQUIRED – weather-appropriate shirt, jacket and long pants (dark denim), and protective boots with distinctive heels.
  • Further personal protective equipment (PPE), including goggles, ear plugs and reflective vest, will be provided by Verde Canyon Railroad.

Camera Use

The use of a camera during a Verde Canyon Railroad ride-along is permitted.  Due to the safety-sensitive nature of the operating crew’s responsibilities, the use of any type of electronic device, including mobile phones, is prohibited while the train is in motion. Pictures may be taken only when the train is stopped and the engineer has given the okay to take photographs. Since safety is a priority, guests are expected to follow crew instructions to the letter.

At Verde Canyon Railroad, safety outweighs all other considerations when conducting our day-to-day business of transporting our passengers.  To ensure this, Verde Canyon Railroad has developed rigorous internal policies and practices to achieve the highest possible level of safety for our employees, our customers and our Canyon. During your initial experience at the depot, you will need to pass our standard safety test.

Please download the Safety Test Study Guide for test preparation.

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