Join us anytime between 5:00 and 11:00 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays starting September 27                         with a final fright on Halloween night

 When you’re dying to tap into everything take a walk through Verde Canyon Railroad’s HAUNTED HOUSE railcar display stationed at the Clarkdale depot. A frightening monster squad will make all of your nightmares come true. Screeching train wheels and an oncoming locomotive headlight will greet you as you climb aboard. 

Step lightly through the dimly lit train maze and enter an abyss of your worst phobias: snake dens, spider webs, deranged clowns, spirited skeletal remains, evaporating phantoms and snarling wild animals.

Observe Dr. Freak’s living autopsy room and gory crime scenes where haunting sounds will chill you to the bone.

Every ghoul should check this terrifying experience off their bloody bucket list.

This is a stationary display and is not a train ride. While advance reservations are not required, they are recommended. Tickets can be purchased by clicking the Book Now button or at the train depot. Check the calendar for dates and times of operation.  Due to the bends and curves of the venue interior wheelchairs cannot be accommodated.

As with any attraction, parental discretion is advised.

 Peek into a beautifully ornate mirror where your own image will become your greatest fear. 

Those willing to enter Fright Night at Verde Canyon Railroad will have all five senses highly stimulated during this perfectly haunted Halloween ritual.

Meet Your Hosts for the Evening!

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Mad Matt suffered some anger management issues before he decided to join the traveling circus and ride the rails to interact with the big tent goers. He has assured us that his past issues are not under control and urges everyone to “come a little bit closer.”
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Doctor Macabre couldn’t make a living without live patients so he became a butcher and opened up a deli on the train. With a plethora of rats, snakes and spiders as condiments, he was able to fill his refrigerators with exotic meats that have an unusual human scent. The deli cooler also doubles as the morgue. How convenient for the good doctor.
Before arriving at Verde Canyon Railroad, Gruesome Grim worked as a carnival barker, hyena trainer, clown wrangler and lowdown dirty criminal. Now he spends his days pitching back and forth in a creaking rocker, while groaning in harmony to the scratching and whining sounds coming from the coffins and headstones in transport, and especially to Luna’s cries, who just managed to escape.
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Psycho Simon was being transported to the asylum for the insane before the train derailed and he became trapped in his cage for eternity. Don’t listen too closely to his ramblings because he’ll try to convince you that the roundhouse yard dogs that found their way onto the crazy train looking for food aren’t vicious. Because they’re starving, they’ll be licking their chops and snarling as you sneak by.
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Handsome Hank was once the premier engineer at Verde Canyon Railroad, but, 100 years past retirement age, he finally confessed that he “misses guiding ghouls into the canyon and would gladly crawl out from inside his tomb any time the Railroad called him back to work.” Usually a quiet man, from time to time, it isn’t uncommon to hear him belt out a bloodcurdling squeal that echoes the screech of a dry train’s wheel on a rail.
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Once the star of a television kiddie show, Chilling Chuck decided that becoming a sinister celebrity was more his style. He’s actually dying to spend time with you on the ghost train, but don’t count on him showing you the way out. You may never be able to leave.

Join us any time between the hours of 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays starting September 27 with a final fright on Halloween night. 

Food and beverages will be available for purchase at train depot.


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