At The Depot

The Magical Christmas Journey™ to the North Pole begins at the Verde Canyon Railroad depot in Clarkdale. The spirit of Christmas is aglow and visible from afar, beckoning all to experience the dream. Seasonal treats and libation may be purchased and enjoyed while perusing the depot grounds rich with festive lighting and holiday décor. Luminarias light the Southwestern-style depot roofline and giant ornaments adorn the outdoor pergolas dripping with icicle lights. Santa’s elves entertain and tell the tale of the beautiful Princess Noel and Flurry the Christmas Eagle while songs of the season fill the air.

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Flurry the Bald Eagle and Princess Noel

Flurry, a real live bald eagle, is at the depot to greet children and give “wing-flapping” lessons prior to entering the miniature village. Princess Noel will be greeting children, signing the Magical Christmas Journey™ book and joining Flurry for unforgettable family photography.

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Bird’s-Eye Village

At the depot there will be eagle wings for children to wear while soaring through a miniature village featuring 10 tiny houses on a town square. The kids are able to experience what Flurry, our live bald eagle, sees when in flight. This unique “flight” is inspired by Verde Canyon Railroad’s relationship with Liberty Wildlife of Arizona who provides an educational bald eagle that visits Verde Canyon Railroad regularly. Adults are not to be left out, as the tiny town is entertainment for all ages.

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During the Magical Ride

Verde Canyon Railroad’s passenger coaches and open-air viewing cars are cheerfully ornamented inside and outside. Elves entertain onboard and car attendants join in the fun with whacky seasonal outfits while serving seasonal drink specialties. The trip to the North Pole is a one-hour round-trip into the dark of night before the train emerges onto “Santa’s private tracks” after passing through the illuminated mystical tunnel. Canyon critters light the way to the North Pole along the tracks to Santa’s Village.

Remember that Verde Canyon Railroad is the only train in North America that offers inside and outside seating for the price of one ticket.

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At the North Pole

The train is met by Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and goofy elves at the North Pole, an exquisite collection of life-size buildings embellished in seasonal color and splendor. Passengers soak in the Christmas spirit aboard the train as it slowly passes by Santa’s Workshop, Mrs. Claus’ Bakery, the Reindeer Flight School and the Ugly Sweater Factory, to name a few, before Santa hops onboard the train for the return trip Clarkdale.

The man in the big red suit will interact with all of the children and gift each with a little memento signifying their North Pole Canyon Adventure aboard The Magical Christmas Journey™.

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Sign the Kids Up for the Magical Journey VIP Kids’ Club™ when You Book Your Tickets!

The lead-up to riding the Verde Canyon Railroad on the Magical Christmas Journey™ to the North Pole is as much fun for the kids as the ride. When you purchase your train tickets, have your children join the Magical Journey VIP Kids’ Club™ for an additional $15.00 per child and get rewards for several months before they actually meet Princess Noel and Flurry the Bald Eagle before starting their journey to the North Pole.

What arrives through the mail?

  • The Magical Christmas Journey™ book autographed by Princess Noel
  • A personalized letter from Santa
  • A postcard for the child to send back to Santa with three Christmas wishes

What arrives through the Internet?

  • Games and puzzles about the book and trip to the North Pole aboard Verde Canyon Railroad
  • Recipes and craft ideas (October, November and December)
  • Updates from Santa on the upcoming trip

What do the children get at the depot when they pick up their tickets?

  • A “Reindeer Buck” (worth $1.00) towards a kid’s meal at the depot cafe
  • A “Reindeer Buck” (worth $1.00) towards any item in the depot gift shop

Sign up today and enjoy the fun to the North Pole!

Please note that there are no discounts given for The Magical Christmas Journey™ tickets.

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