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Home to Verde Canyon Railroad

Clarkdale, Arizona’s first master-planned community, was laid out in 1914 near the site of what remains of the smelter which was built in 1910 to process ore from nearby Jerome until the mine was permanently closed in 1952. Clarkdale, a totally self-sustaining company town, was built with modern amenities of the time including residents, churches, recreational and cultural facilities, an administration center and parks. The mining and smelter sites, along with the Clarkdale Memorial Clubhouse, are listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. Today, Clarkdale hosts a number of community events including an art festival and Independence Day celebration.

Clarkdale 2017

Looking for something to do after your train ride?

The Historic Clarkdale Downtown area is the place for you.

Historic Downtown Clarkdale This is only accessible through Facebook

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Clarkdale, AZ
Clarkdale, AZ Tourism