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Nicknamed “The City in the Sky,” Jerome was at one time the most talked-about mining camp in America.

This legendary burg, listed on the National Historic Register, once had a population of 15,000 miners, bootleggers, gamblers and prostitutes in its heyday but declined to a “ghost town” of under 50 people after the mines and smelter closed in the early ‘50s.

Also known as the “Wickedest Town in the West,” Jerome is now a thriving tourist and artist hub with a population of around 450 people. Jerome resides above what was once the largest copper mine in Arizona which was producing an astonishing three million pounds of copper per month. Today the mines may be silent, but Jerome has found new life as the largest ghost town in America and a bustling tourist destination.

The Gold King Mine displays early machinery of the mining era in Jerome. www.jeromechamber.com

Finding the Verde Canyon Railroad from Jerome, AZ

When planning a vacation to Jerome, plan to ride the historic Verde Canyon Railroad. Learn more related to the history of the train on this page. See the route you’ll need to travel to get to the train from Jerome. If you have questions you can connect with us or join our Eclub for the latest news and special packages at Verde Canyon Railroad. We hope to see you soon and look forward to serving you!

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