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Grape Train Escape

Wine-Tasting Tours

Verde Canyon Railroad has long been a venue for viticulture appreciation. Since 1990 train passengers have enjoyed raising a toast to the Arizona wilderness from well-appointed rail cars, harkening back to a time when relaxing travel by train was recognized as a hallmark of sophistication and class. In 2002 raising that toast became a highly-requested event called the Grape Train Escape. Going in to its 19th year, this great grape celebration has spanned the planet – Italian, Chilean, Spanish, German and French wines have been served to thousands of awe-inspired train passengers.

May 15, June 12, July 10, August 7 and September 4 

Offered during the 5:30 p.m. Saturday Starlight Trains, May through September, a number of the train cars are dedicated to The Grape Train Escape event. Regional purveyors of fine Arizona wines as well as worldwide vintners showcase their award-winning vintages on the rails. Wine tasting coupled with harmonizing appetizers takes one back to a time when relaxing train travel was recognized as a hallmark of sophistication.

May 15 – Wines from Chile

Rich with history, culture and adventure, wines from Chile inspire passion and stir the soul with their robust notes and spicy aromas. Temperate climate and arid conditions combine to create a hearty elegance in the wines of South America.

June 12 – Wines from Washington State

Since the 19th century arrival of Swiss and German immigrants to the Pacific Northwest with their wine-making skills, Washington State has proved to be a perfect locale for grapevine cultivation.

The wines of the region showcase a fusion of Old World style and with New World sass.

July 10 – Wines from Argentina

The wines from Argentina will inflame your passion for adventure. Once horded by priests, they’re not just for communion anymore. With culture and history poured into every bottle these wines will stir your soul.

Mendoza and Cafayate are two of the best grape growing regions in all of Argentina, and Piattelli Winery showcases both.

August 21 – Wines from Australia

Boisterous and bold, the wines of Australia are as refreshing and dynamic as their origins in the Land Down Under. A selection of spirited vintages will invigorate the palate with their confident notes.

September 4 – Vineyards of the Verde Valley

The lush Verde Valley, with its sandy soils and abundant sunshine, invites wine enthusiasts to experience a destination rich in history, beauty and the production of exquisite Arizona wines. Savor these up-and-coming wines. 

A Sensory Adventure

Savoring wine while soaking in the scenery of the Southwest is a relatively new pairing for Arizona’s Verde Valley, but it is quickly gaining notoriety as a fine region for grape growing. In addition, it is a region where the appreciation of these varietals becomes more enjoyable while basking in high desert beauty.

During the Saturday Starlight Tours, passengers experience a spectacular blend of light and color in the canyon ranging from bright daytime to rich sunset, from twinkly twilight to magnificent moonglow. Paired with an award-winning wine in hand, any Grape Train Escape will contribute to a sensory adventure suitable for every palate.

What to Expect with Your Wine

  • Luxurious style and attentive beverage service right to your seat
  • Appetizers paired perfectly with wine selections
  • Adjoining open-air cars where the lush riparian landscape of summer, including canopies cottonwoods, moody monsoon afternoons and deep crimson cliffs, compliments a great glass of wine
  • Information is made available so you can find where to purchase a bottle of your favorite wines following the ride
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