Radhika Rajpal

From San Jose, California on 04/05/2024

Thank you so much for sending me my gold earring and the woollen cap. I was so happy that you could find it

and send it to me. I really want to express my gratitude to all of you.

The 4 hour journey on the Verde Canyon Railroad was such a memorable experience for me and my husband.

It was one of our best railroad journeys into a really beautiful world where there was emptiness and solitude which

filled our hearts with an awe for that part of nature we seldom experience in today’s world.

But more than anything I feel a sense of gratitude for your response and immediate action in looking for my lost earring

that was given to me by my late mother.

I hope we can visit with you all again and go on the enchanting journey into the wilderness.

God Bless and many thanks.

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