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Vintage Independence Day Celebration (July 2, 2016)

Cities and towns from sea to shining sea savor the Fourth of July holiday as a salute to America’s roots and a chance to wave the stars and stripes. Verde…
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Drive a train

Locomotive Ride-A-Long

Savor the day from inside the cab of a rare and powerful American-built locomotive. During the ride-along, you’ll be seated between the engineer and conductor inside the cab of the…
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Chocolate lover's Sedona

Chocolate Lovers’ Valentine’s Celebration

February 12, 13 & 14, 2016

This delectable affair is one of the most popular Verde Canyon Railroad events. It blends the rich flavors of everything sweet with magnificent vistas of raw, unspoiled nature. Offered on…
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Easter Sedona

Easter Bunny Express

April 5

The hoppiest celebration at Verde Canyon Railroad is the Easter Bunny Express on Sunday, March 27th.  This once-a-year opportunity to hob-knob with the wascally wabbit begins with face painting on…
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Eagle Verde Canyon - Sedona Tourism

Eagle Watch

December - May

Sedona Area Eagle Sightseeing Tours December through May, the annual Eagle Watch season is on at Verde Canyon Railroad. Whether you choose coach or first-class seating, adjacent open-air viewing cars…
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National Train Day Sedona

National Train Day

May 14. 2016

Join the National Train Day Celebration at Verde Canyon Railroad We are proud to celebrate National Train Day on Saturday, May 14, 2016. On National Train Day, Verde Canyon Railroad applauds…
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fall colors Sedona

Fall Colors

October through November

Sedona Fall Colors Tour October through November As the Verde Canyon Railroad rolls through our vibrant canyon corridor on a Fall Color Tour, you’ll settle into comfortable loveseats or bistro…
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Beer Festival Sedona Area

Ales On Rails

Every Thursday through Sunday in October

Sedona Area Beer Tasting Tour There are parties and shindigs and then there is Oktoberfest, the grandest, most tuba-intensive bashes of them all.  Of course Verde Canyon Railroad never misses…
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Wildlife tour sedona

Wild Splendor

2016 Dates - February 6 & 18, March 5 & 17, April 2 & 14, May 14, June 4 & 16, July 14, August 6 & 25, September 3 & 15, October 1 & 12, November 17 and December 3 & 14

Sedona Area Raptor & Wildlife Presentations Come see and learn about raptors and other native Sedona wildlife at the depot and on the train. A great event for nature lovers…
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