Easter Bunny, Easter celebration, Train ride

Easter Bunny Express

April 20, 2014

The hoppiest celebration at Verde Canyon Railroad is the Easter Bunny Express on Sunday, April 20th.  This once-a-year opportunity to hob-knob with the wascally wabbit begins with face painting on the patio so everyone can star in a look-a-like photo.  You can take home proof that the Easter Bunny really does exist.  The honorable hare will dole out handfuls of treats and armloads of hugs before bidding farewell to everyone on the train as it departs at 1 p.m..  The Easter fun keeps going onboard with a winner-take-all jellybean counting contest.  Enjoy a spring-fresh Bloody Mary bursting with so many vegetables a rabbit would love it.

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Eagle Watch

March 1, 2014 - April 30, 2014

Now through the end of April, the annual Eagle Watch season is on at Verde Canyon Railroad. Whether you choose coach or first-class seating, adjacent open-air viewing cars offer the best spotting opportunities.

Soaring over their winter habitat along Arizona’s perennial streams and rivers, Bald Eagles inspire all with their majestic appearance and graceful acrobatics. Nesting season along the Verde Canyon Railroad begins in November with the return of migratory raptors expanding the resident population during the winter months. This prime-time eagle season features an abundance of high-flying activity as the birds jockey for position, mates and nesting locations.  Most of the access points to the Canyon are closed to the public during the breeding season, the exception being Verde Canyon Railroad. The train has rumbled through this ravine for over 100 years and poses no distraction to these avian inhabitants, their many generations accustomed to the iron horse’s daily appearance along the river.

Catch a glimpse of our national symbol in its natural landscape, flying free in the big western sky along red sandstone cliff faces and diving into the cool green river to snatch a fat fish to feed its eaglets. Eagle watchers can snag some treats of their own during the rail trip, enjoying freshly-made hors d’oeuvres washed down with local favorites like our classic prickly pear margarita.

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